Hi! They say about me that, besides being a polyglot, I am multifaceted and versatile. The truth is that I enjoy doing many different things: performing, creating and adaptating dramaturgies, directing theater, training other actors, researching… I even publish my essays!

The fact is that I am terribly curious. I’m always keen to inhabit a different way of understanding human relationships, the world, art, creation and knowledge!

With so many interests, so many sides of my profession, with so much hunger for each new project… There was a time when I wondered who I really was. Today, the definition that translates everything I do and why, seems more and more clear to me: I’m an actress. Every workplace offers me a role that I can learn from, a role that I can delve into… Isn’t that wonderful?

In my latest screen and theatrical works I have enhanced my comical and satirical facet. I feel equally comfortable in the dramatic registers. I enjoy working in theater, cinema, TV… And beyond genres, styles and media for which I act, I have a predilection for original projects and, especially, those of a social, political and/or historical nature.