As a child I was extremely shy about singing in public. But every time I was alone at home, I would go into inventing songs or singing and dancing with my favorite vinyls.

When I was 16, a new friend convinced me to join the school choir, as she said I would be encompassed by the other voices. A few months later we prepared Carl Off’s Carmina Burana, conducted by Tim Still, and accompanied by a professional choir and orchestra. That’s how my musical career began: as a first soprano in that unforgettable concert at ELVHS in New York! 

Back in my hometown, I forced myself to overcome my vocal shyness by entering a modest cover band as their soloist. And by singing, in parties, weddings and local events, I paid my college years and my subsequent artistic training. 

Since then, I have participated as a singer in musical theater projects, soundtrack recordings, concerts of own music and in cover bands, CD recordings of other songwriters… Performing not only in the Basque Country and Spain but also in Portugal, England, Canada, Brazil and Argentina.